Learn Greek with a Cypriot twist at the Cyprus Community of NSW’s language school


The Cyprus Community of NSW Greek School is very unique and differs from the rest as it is the only school in NSW that highlights and encapsulates Cypriot culture and traditions. 

The educational program is designed especially for children and tailored to their respective skill levels and group. The School incorporates modern educational practices via smart technology, storytelling and story reading, games, projects and interactive activities.

Each student’s education is broadened and enriched by participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, school concerts, school parades, drama and school excursions.

Being part of an active large established Community Club, which also includes one the largest Greek dancing schools in the state and a well-known established Soccer Club Inner West Hawkes (formerly known as Cyprus United), students are engaged and take part in many community events – from national days like the declaration of the Republic of Cyprus, to many other events and community functions.

The School even exposes students to the study of Cypriot archaeology, arguably one of the richest, tracing human activity to the 10th millennium BC.

Students learn about the settlement of Cyprus by Mycenaean Greek traders about 1400 BC, to the classical Greek period, Alexander the Great and Hellenistic period through to Byzantine and beyond. They also enjoy excursions to the new historical museum, Chau Chak Wing Museum at Sydney University, to access the Cypriot and Greek antiquities collection from the Neolithic to Roman and
medieval periods.

Greek families today are troubled when it comes to choosing a Greek School for their children. But not all Greek schools are the same.

The School’s Head Teacher Ms Olympia stated that the school’s primary aim is for all their young students to gain a deep understanding of their heritage, the Greek/Cypriot cultural practices, the difference of the Cypriot dialect and language and be proud of their background and identity. Belonging to a community encourages and promotes engagement for many years to come.

Community President, Andrew Costa, said the School is an integral part of the Community.

“It’s who we are and is part of our 95 plus year mission to preserve our language, identity, culture and pass it on, whilst we add to it even here in Sydney,” Mr Costa said.

“We are proud of the School’s achievements, the unique student-engaged teaching style. The students are always part of all our events from the Food and Wine Festival and the Cataclysm Festival, to observing sadder events like the 1974 invasion of northern Cyprus by foreign forces who occupy our ancestral lands till this day.”

Ms Olympia added that “we engage the students to understand and appreciate the Greek language and culture, with a Cypriot twist, recognising Cypriot culture as a major component of Hellenism for over thousands of years.”

“Our students learn a lot more than just about mainland Greece and its islands and history. They learn about Hellenism beyond traditional Greek borders, get a wider understanding that being Greek, speaking and writing Greek, or enjoying Greek arts and cuisine is part of the Hellenic world, and Cyprus has been and continues to be a vibrant home of Hellenism, as it has evolved over 35 centuries.

“In 2023 we plan to launch across-nation classes, where our students will join their Cyprus and Greece-located students to take part in lessons and other learning activities.”

All school students regardless of their background are invited to participate in the Community’s Greek Learning Studies.




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