Greek Democritus League’s celebration of workers in Melbourne


By Andrea Demetriou

The Greek Democritus League held its annual May Day dance on May 18 at White Rose Receptions in Thornbury in order to raise money for PAME, a Greek trade union based in Greece.

President of the Democritus League, Arthur Salahas welcomed all those present, and reminded them that the organisation turns 90 in 2025. Mr Salahas also added that the events and actions of the organisation are supported by its members and friends.

The Greek Consulate General in Melbourne, Emanuel Kakavelakis congratulated the Democritus League for their long standing assistance to the working class Greeks in Melbourne.

greek democritus league melbourne
On the right , poet Andrea Demetriou representing SEKA, with Mathew Guglielmi treasurer of FILEF and friends.

The High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus in Australia, Antonis Sammoutis thanked the Democritus League for diachronically supporting Cyprus.

“Democritus’ name is synonymous with working class struggles for the last 90 years. I congratulate you and wish you every success,” Mr Sammoutis said.

The Secretary of the Victorian May Day committee, Len Cooper greeted the people at the dance and stressed that Democritus has always taken an active part in events organised by the committee.

greek democritus league melbourne

The Secretary of the Democritus League, Agapi Pashos stated that “the Greek Democritus League stands in solidarity with PAME in the struggle of the working class, in the mobilisations and demonstrations organised in all the countries of the world against imperialist wars, and world peace.”   

“We strongly and unequivocally condemn the Israeli criminal brutality and aggression against the Palestinians, as well as the continuous bombardment, where tens of thousands of unarmed people have been murdered, amongst them thousands of women and children,” Ms Pashos added.

“We raise our voices and stand in solidarity with the heroic people of Palestine, who are facing the murderous policies and brutality of Israel and the US. We express our support for the just struggle of the Palestinian people, for the end of occupation and the establishment of an independent state, within the recognised borders, as decided and voted by the United Nations in 1967.”

Ms Pashos then went on to read a message from the President of SEKA Victoria –  Coordinating Committee of Cypriot Struggle –  Pavlos Andronikos.  

greek democritus league melbourne

“I urge you all to participate in the events and demonstrations for the 50th anniversary of the barbaric and illegal invasion of Cyprus by Turkey. I remind you that all these years the illegal army of occupation – 43,000 solders – are pointing their guns at us day and night. I remind you that 250,000 Greek Cypriots are still refugees, that we still have missing people, and that our antiquities and Byzantine icons are constantly  looted and sold illegally to museums overseas,” Mr Andronikos’ message read.

“Please do not forget Cyprus, join us at the State Library of Victoria on Sunday, July 21 at 12:30pm in the afternoon to shout out together, ‘I don’t forget! Freedom for Cyprus!’.”

The packed hall broke into a huge applause when Ms Pashos read the above lines.

Later in the evening, the talented deejay Alecos Katsifaras played Greek music and made sure it was a very joyous and memorable night.

greek democritus league melbourne




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