Greek Community of Melbourne schools welcome students from Adelaide


The students of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) City Campus had the chance to experience a special lesson on Saturday, May 18, when they welcomed Adelaide students to their class and shared thoughts and educational activities.

This interesting meeting took place as part of a three-day educational visit to Melbourne by students of Greek from Unley High School in Adelaide, South Australia, accompanied by their teachers responsible for the Greek language program at the school. Its aim was to facilitate interaction between the students and teachers of the two schools, strengthen communication in Greek, and cultivate relationships that could lead to future collaborations and partnerships.

This interesting meeting took place as part of a three-day educational visit to Melbourne by students of Greek from Unley High School in Adelaide,
The meeting took place as part of a three-day educational visit to Melbourne by students of Greek from Unley High School in Adelaide.

During this event, the visitors and their escorts were guided by the director of the GCM schools, Mrs Maria Bakalidou, and by the representative of the educational committee, Dr Spyridoula Demetriou. They were shown around the Greek Centre and the classrooms, talked with students and teachers, and exchanged information about their schools and the Greek language programs they attend.

They later participated in a special, experiential lesson with the Year 9 students, which included acquaintance activities, educational games, discussions about the Greek language and identity, and learning Greek traditional dances.

The visit left a positive impression on everyone and concluded with an exchange of promises to continue communication and explore possibilities for further cooperation between the two schools.

Mrs Bakalidou stated: “We are firm advocates of extroversion and the creation of cooperation networks with other schools and institutions, which enrich our students’ experiences and strengthen their confidence regarding the use of the Greek language. We are working towards this direction, as we believe it positively supports the common goal of preserving and promoting the Greek language and culture.”




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