Greek and Cypriot officials in Australia send messages to mark Orthodox Easter


The Ambassador of Greece in Australia, George Papacostas, and the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus in Australia, Antonis Sammoutis, have issued messages to Australia’s Greek diaspora to mark Orthodox Easter.

Message by the Ambassador of Greece in Australia, George Papacostas:

Greece’s Ambassador to Australia.

Dear compatriots,

The triumph of love and life, as signified by the Resurrection of the Lord, embraces, transforms and regenerates every person. Our homeland celebrates this Resurrection of the Lord through the Greeks everywhere in the world.

Greece is today a democratic, prosperous country, a reliable member of the international community, a factor of stability in international affairs, a bright example of respect for International Law, a pioneer in shipping and tourism, with impressive technological, educational and scientific achievements, with a constantly growing economy, with insurmountable history and culture.

Dear compatriots,
On behalf of the staff of the Embassy, I wish you a happy Easter and a glorious Resurrection.

Message by the High Commissioner of Cyprus in Australia, Antonis Sammoutis:

The High Commissioner of Cyprus in Australia.

Dear compatriots,

Easter, the celebration of the holidays, the Resurrection of our Lord, is at the centre of our Christian faith, the most important point of reference to which we constantly return. As the Apostle Paul notes, if Christ had not risen, had not defeated death, then all our faith would be in vain.

The Church prepares us for this Bright Feast, as our people call it, through the period of Great Lent and even more so with the Masses of Holy Week. The Resurrection is always preceded by the Crucifixion. This also happens in our lives, where sorrows are often followed by joys, where Christians live the feeling of joy, live with the hope of the Resurrection and never despair.

This also applies to our martyred homeland, Cyprus, a large part of which has been under Turkish occupation for 49 years. The bells in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Morphou and Karpasia will not ring festively this year either. But no one has the right to lose hope and faith that our fight for freedom will be vindicated in the end.

Dear friends,

Many of the customs and traditions of our people are connected with Easter. In our country, Easter is combined with the arrival of spring. It is thus accompanied by dances and songs in the open air. I am sure that the Hellenism of Australia, which never forgets the traditional customs and traditions, will celebrate with the same splendour, as every year, this great celebration, even if it is autumn.

Happy Easter!




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