‘Sing and learn with Mr Tasos’: Educational workshop in Melbourne


The Modern Greek Teachers’ Association of Victoria, in collaboration with the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Language & Culture Schools, has designed an interactive educational workshop titled ‘Sing and Learn with Mr. Tasos,’ featuring Tasos Ioannidis, creator of the songs ‘Lachana and Hachana.’

The workshop is aimed at kindergarten teachers, educators, and theatre educators, with the goal of enriching teaching practices in Greek language instruction through music.

The presenter of the workshop is the well-known composer and songwriter Tasos Ioannidis, whose love for children is the source of his creativity, as much of his work is inspired by his experiences as a father of three children.

Aimed at transforming the learning process into a game, he created the series of children’s educational songs, books, and theatrical works ‘Lachana and Hachana.’

In the seminar, Mr Ioannidis, with his guitar, will select songs that address the needs of Greek schools in the diaspora and can be divided into four thematic units:

  • Letters, shapes, colours, days.
  • Classic songs in new versions.
  • Grammar songs.
  • Songs for emotional education.

He will teach techniques, practices, and games to educators that will help them engage with their students in acquiring vocabulary as well as grammatical forms and structures through song.

Mr Ioannidis, creator and songwriter, said about the upcoming seminar: “If the teacher manages to turn the lesson into a game so that the child learns without realising that they are learning, then learning becomes an experiential process. The emotional intelligence of children is in operation, and the system of brain neurons is in action. The imprint in children’s memory is indelible, full of the colours of experience. Learning becomes a joyful process!”

The interactive educational workshop will take place on Saturday, May 18, from 2:30-4:30 pm, at St. Gregory the Great Primary School (396 Manningham Rd, Doncaster) and is provided free of charge to all Greek language educators.

TO RSVP follow the link http://www.mgtav.asn.au/lets-sing-and-learn-with-mr-tasos—registration-form.html




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