Cretan Association of Sydney & NSW: Meet the new executive and youth committees


The Cretan Association of Sydney & NSW elected new executive, youth and audit committees during its annual elections on Friday, August 26 at Ashbury Senior Citizen’s Centre.

In the Executive Committee, Emmanuel Vitetzakis will be taking over the reins from Terry Saviolakis as President of the Cretan Association.

Mr Vitetzakis will be supported by Vice President, Angelo Siganakis; Secretary, Nectaria Frayne; Treasurer, Mr Saviolakis; and Public Relations Officer, Eleni Venizelou.

On the day, a number of other Executive Committee positions were also filled. They were: Assistant Secretary, Amanda Salmon; Assistant Treasurer, Yianni Skoulakis; and Committee Members, Maria Lagoudakis, Ari Paraskakis, Iliana Kougias, and Maria Vitetzakis-Townsend.

In an interview with The Greek Herald, Mr Vitetzakis said he’s “very proud and excited to be taking over the role as President.”

New President Emmanuel Vitetzakis (left) with Battle of Crete veteran, Alf Carpenter.

“My father, the late Anthony Vitetzakis, was in the Cretan Association committee back in the 1970s, so to be following in his footsteps, and now to be leading our great Association, it is such an honour,” Mr Vitetzakis said.

“My plan is to continue building on the great work that our previous Executive Committee/s have done. We are definitely going to have more of our well-known glendia.”

During the Cretan Association’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, August 12, members unanimously agreed to pass resolutions proposed by the Executive Committee.

Members of the Cretan Association at its recent AGM.

Mr Vitetzakis said he will push forward with these resolutions as President.

“We want to follow through with the task on becoming a Charity, which was unanimously voted for at our recent Annual General Meeting,” he said.

“This will allow us to be able to give back more to our members, and ensure a strong future for our Association through our youth.”

Speaking of the youth, a new Committee was also elected at the annual elections with Angelique Belivanis appointed President.

Youth Committee elections chaired by Terry Saviolakis.

Ms Belivanis is joined on the Youth Committee board by: Vice President, Alexander Mountakis; Secretary, Michaela Margiankakos; Assistant Secretary, Ellen Salmon; Treasurer, Christopher Townsend; Assistant Treasurer, George Siganakis; Public Relations Officers, Dylan Giannoulis, Danny Venizelou, Irene Vitetzakis, Joanne Rakis, Anthony Vitetzakis, Jonny Venizelou, and Angelique Malakonakis.

On the new Audit Committee is President, Despina Parliaros; Vice President, Frances Siganakis, and Secretary, Nina Saisanas-Giannoulis.




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