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Vicki Malamatinas: Victoria’s first Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Nurse Practitioner




Vicki Malamatinas is the first Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Nurse Practitioner in Victoria and she says it’s a dream come true.

Vicki has been busy working in the role for two years at The Northern Hospital in Epping and has so far reviewed over 200 patients that required plastic surgery intervention.

“Being one of the first Plastic Nurse Practitioners in the state is exciting and a wonderful opportunity in providing specialised care,” Vicki said in an interview with Northern Health.

As part of her role, Vicki works alongside the hospital’s Plastic and Hand Surgery Unit and does the morning rounds on Ward 19 with the team. Once that is complete, she heads off to the clinic to see post-discharge and newly-referred patients.

Vicki works at the Northern Hospital, Epping.

“I have been fortunate to be trained in providing specialised care to patients that require plastic surgery intervention, as well as taught to perform certain procedures that can be done independently, and assisting in theatre or our procedure room,” Vicki said.

Vicki’s colleagues at Northern Hospital have praised her for the hard work she does every day.

Acting Director of Operations Surgical Inpatient Wards, Amanda Paleologos, said she is “an asset” to the team “and supports nursing and medical staff alike in the treatment and care of complex patients.”

The Divisional Director of Surgery, Dennis Gyomber, also said Vicki “will not only play her part in improving plastic surgical care, but I believe she will become a role model for others to become Nurse Practitioners.”

Source: Northern Health.

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