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Greek-Australian woman gives back to hometown of Kefalonia with Hospital donations




93-year-old Greek-Australian woman, Rubina Liosatou, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Kefalonia Hospital in Greece from Australia.

Liosatou made this bequest after leaving Greece 65 years ago for Australia, where she currently lives, hoping to give back to a place that she could never quite forget, her hometown of Argostoli.

Donations include a digital mammogram machine and an ambulance, which can be used to discharge patients.

Ambulance service at Kefalonia Hospital. Photo Inkefalonia.gr.
Ambulance service at Kefalonia Hospital. Photo: Inkefalonia.gr.

“I always liked to give to others and I also worked at the Argostoli hospital as a volunteer,” Liosatou emphasised.

This is not the only donation Liosatou has made since 2023, however, offering her assistance with refurbishing the Pyrgos Hospital, where her husband was born.

“To the Pyrgos hospital, she [Rubina] donated beds for short-term hospitalisations…and a modern X-ray machine for the radiology department,” Director of the 6th Health Department, Yannis Karvelis said.

Liosatou reiterates her passion for the hospital, Greece, and her husband, as her reasoning behind the donations.

“The face of the hospital changed, I did this in memory of my husband. We love our homeland, we love it very much. I wanted very much to do something for my country of Greece”, explained Liosatou.

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