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Chris Hatzoglou wins in Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2021




In 2021, 52 Victorians have been recognised in the Multicultural Awards for Excellence, highlighting the passionate work of individuals and organisations that are strengthening multiculturalism in Victoria.

Among those 52 award recipients were Chris Hatzoglou from the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club and AGAPI Care Inc.

Mr Hatzoglou won in the ‘Sports Award’ category, while AGAPI Care Inc were ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Business Award’ category.

Chris Hatzoglou:

The ‘Sports Award’ received by Chris Hatzoglou recognises people and organisations that develop and implement sporting programs that aim to build social cohesion and harmony across communities.

As President of the Sunshine Heights Cricket Club, Mr Hatzoglou spearheaded the ‘All Endeavouring Each Achieving’ initiative to encourage people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to participate in sport.

Through Mr Hatzoglou’s efforts, the club’s participation has grown from 50 to over 200 people.

Mr Hatzoglou has also helped create an induction program, advocated on diversity and inclusion, lobbied for better facilities, raised sponsorship money and helped build capability in volunteers including coaches both senior and junior.

His efforts have helped many community members resettle in Australia and has given them an environment through cricket to feel safe and welcome.

AGAPI Care Inc:

AGAPI Care Inc were ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Business Award’ category. This award recognises businesses that provide outstanding service to multicultural communities in Victoria and are leading the way in encouraging diversity in the workplace.

AGAPI Care provides tailored services to people with disability of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and their families.

They have assisted many families with navigation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and provide support in participants’ preferred language.

They also have an advocacy radio program on 3XY Radio Hellas every Tuesday, providing information about the disability sector, mental health and aged care in Greek and English.

AGAPI Care has also provided food relief, support programs and welfare checks for vulnerable community members, which have supported over 3000 people.

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