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Archbishop Makarios: We must pass on the legacy of OXI Day to the next generation




His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia has urged the Greek Orthodox community to pass on to the next generation of young Greeks “the great legacy left to us by our ancestors” on OXI Day.

This message came in a statement by His Eminence, which was released today to commemorate the 80th anniversary of OXI Day.

“It’s not just the dates, names and information that our young people need to memorise,” His Eminence elaborated in the statement.

“Above all, they must know the ideals and values of the nation and our faith, which unanimously pushed our ancestors to resist heroically and willingly sacrifice their lives.”

His Eminence went on to say that the three words of “pride, gratitude and responsibility” come to mind when he thinks of OXI Day as it is the day when “a small and poor Greece stood up to the mighty war machines of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.”

“Reflecting on the strength and spirit of self-sacrifice with which the ancestors fought for our faith and the Fatherland, we bow with respect to their memory and express our deep gratitude. Without their fight and sacrifice, none of what we enjoy today would be given and taken for granted.”

The statement concludes with a recognition of the strong bonds of friendship which were developed between Greeks and Australians due to the historic moment of OXI Day.


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