50 years since the restoration of democracy in Greece: Political constipation and toxicity

After the restoration of democracy in Greece in July 1974, Greece experienced 24 different governments with 17 persons as prime ministers.

We are not ‘leftovers of the sword’

Dr Panayiotis Diamadis is encouraging Greek Australians to speak up about antisemitism and to display ‘philotimo’ and ‘philanthropia.’

Remembrance Day 2023: Steve Kyritsis on the importance of war memorials

Steve Kyritsis discusses the importance of war memorials and their link to the men who fought and died on the battlefield.

The unknown Australian fighters of the Battle of Vevi in Florina

Ilias Karagiannis looks at the Battle of Vevi in Florina and the significance that the unknown Australian fighters had at the time.

The epic of 1940 in cartoons

Dr Spyridon Mouratidis tells us how art vividly showed the trials, hardships and victories for the Greeks during the Second World War.


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The Pharos Alliance: Greek belongs in Victoria

Melbourne is a city about which we have all heard innumerable politicians praise as a contemporary jewel of Greek culture.   

Can Islamocentric Turkey find its European footing?

After twenty years of rule and having tasted for the first time the heavy defeat in the elections, the Turkish President resorted to neo-Ottomanism.

Simon Kennedy sends message to Greek community ahead of Cook by-election

The Liberal candidate for Cook, Simon Kennedy, has sent a message to the Greek community on why he should be elected in the Cook by-election.


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From Dedeagach to Alexandroupoli: The journey to liberation

The first recorded Tracean tribes appear during the Early Iron Age, and they mainly settle in the mountainous territories of Thrace.

Centenary of Major George Devine Treloar’s mission saving Greek refugees from Asia Minor

Hellenism around the world has been marking the Centenary of the holocaust of Smyrne, the single most violent episode.

Insight or Perspective: A solution for the continuation of Modern Greek Studies in Sydney

"An issue affecting Modern Greek Studies is that they are offered at three different Universities in Sydney," writes Eleni Elefterias.