Greek lawyer asking for simple ‘sorry’ from Manchester United defender Harry Maguire


Harry Maguire landed in a lot of trouble after taking part in a brawl in Mykonos last week, being found guilty of assault and bribing the ELAS.

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, the lawyer who represented two police officers in the assault case says it is “shocking” that there has been no apology from the Manchester United captain and his co-defendants.

Read More: Manchester United captain arrested in Mykonos after assaulting police officers [VIDEO]
Read More: Manchester United captain faces trial for bribe and assault charges in Mykonos

“This is what I find quite shocking and quite unsporting. Fair play means when I’ve done something wrong I apologise or at least I say I am sorry for what happened to the other person,” Dr Yoannis Paradissis said to the British programme.

The Manchester United midfielder has defended the actions that led to his arrest in Greece, insisting he has no reason to apologise for the incident, but instead feels regret at causing potential embarrassment to his club.

In this Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020 file photo, England soccer player Harry Maguire leaves a court building on the Aegean island of Syros, Greece. (AP Photo/Michael Varaklas)

“I don’t feel like I owe an apology to anybody. An apology is something when you’ve done something wrong or regret. I regret being in the situation,” Maguire said, adding that he is confident he will be cleared in the retrial.

“I have great faith in the Greek law, the retrial will give us more time to prepare, gather the evidence, allow witnesses into the court. And I am really confident that the truth will be told and come out.”

The court on the Greek island of Syros handed the footballer suspended 21-month prison sentence. The 27-year-old England defender, who did not attend the trial, quickly indicated his intention to appeal, releasing a statement saying that he and his family and friends had been the victims.

Paradissis said an appeal would start the trial afresh but that in Greek law some of the accusations could be withdrawn if an apology was given and that “the outcome might be different.”

Maguire was dropped from the England squad for the Nations League matches against Iceland and Denmark after initially The impact of Maguire’s conviction is already being felt, with England manager Gareth Southgate withdrawing him from the squad for the Nations League matches against Iceland and Denmark next month, having initially selected him.




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