Elaine Kintis: Full Speech at The Greek Herald Relaunch Event

Good evening everyone,  I also want share how fantastic it is to have all of you here with us tonight.  It really means a great deal my sister and I. Thank you.

I particularly want to thank all our dignitaries, and particularly to His Eminence, Archbishop Makarios for being here tonight with us. From before he left Greece, to arrive for Australia, he accepted an interview with the greek herald. This marked a significant moment for me, and when we spoke, his words gave me courage and strength to continue with the paper. Since then, he has continued to support us, and for that, and his presence to be with us here tonight, I sincerely thank him.

To the Consul-General, and other dignitaries, again, thank you.

I’m sure you will all agree, there are two things that remain relevant and prominent for all of us and is possibly  at the core of everything that we do as a community. That is our language and our culture.

I believe that through the Greek Herald, we can help continue to play a role in promoting our language and the greek culture, which are imperative for our future generations. WE are in an era of change.

As we know the Greek Australian community has changed, and it will continue to evolve. The needs of the community no longer represent what they did in the 50s or 70s.  In 2020, we now have new strengths, and face different challenges.

For The Greek Herald to be aligned  with these changes, to remain relevant in 2020 and beyond, and to ensure the sustainability and longevity of the brand, we recognized the need to transform as a business, and to do so, we have had to align it with the needs of the current generations to remain as prominent in the future as we have been in the past, and to remain Australias largest national newspaper.

When we looked around it was pretty obvious to us what was missing and what was required.  A digital platform for all the community to receive their local Greek Australian community focused news and updates. 

And whilst many people suggested we ‘give up the paper’ where is the future in that’ we are conscious that over many decades for many thousands of our community the Greek Herald has been a staple of their daily lives and the lives of their spouses relatives and friends.  We will continue the print, for as long as their continues to be the demand.  After all, who doesn’t have a clipping or edition of the greek herald from the past, at home, holding on to a piece of history?

While we are of course focused on the commercial viability of our business, as a community focused business we are about more than just commercial outcomes.  

In June last year, we commenced our digital strategy, a platform to engage the next generations.

  Our successes include:

  • In 7 months, we have 10,000 followers on FB
  • 75% of our followers on FB are Located in Australia. 69% of those in NSW, followed by Victoria, Adelaide and Brisbane. 
  • This is of particular importance to our strategy, as we want to remain the greek Australian newspaper, relevant and current. Not feeding news overseas.
  • I believe it is this that has contributed to the success and high engagement we see through our pages.
  • Our stories reach on average 100k people per month. This is a huge achievement considering we have just launched our digital strategy.
  • The other most exciting part is that 80% of our followers are aged between 35 and 65. As a media organisation we are essentially covering the multigenerations within a greek family, and talking to them in different ways.
  • So, we have expanded our readership to a masthead that covers the greek Australian family. With 90% of our readers aged between 35 and over 90 years old. In marketing terms we could say we have the influencers and decision makers covered.
  • we have recently launched our Instagram page that is attracting followers on a daily basis; and as of yesterday, we launched our linkedin profile to showcase the multiple greek professionals and showcase their achievements.
  • Our biggest achievement, is that we have launched our new website, which has been built for the local Greek Australian community, and there are several features on this new site

Our on-line focus is very much about promoting the local Greek community sharing its inspiring achievements or issues that are impacting  us.  Its been fantastic to see and meet many young people, who are stepping up and taking the lead within our community. It is also a platfom to encourage and promote the younger generations, to continue to get involved

So, if I can turn your attention to our website for a couple of moments,  beyond news, current affairs and sports. WE have a community section. This is the home for all the local news and updates.

This is where we celebrate and promote the recent efforts by many in theis room who with their associations supported the Australian bushfire appeal.

This is where we promote and celebrate with pride as a community, the greek Australians who received an honour of Australia recently for Australia day.

You can also keep up to date with general community initiatives, associations, and the activities of the archdiocese. But there is a catch… you do need to also send us information about the activities you are working on!

Yes, individual facebook groups may exist for these groups and organisations.

Definitely my favourite feature on the website….

Whats on,

I highly suggest you check it out, and send us any events that you may be hosting so we can post.


This will transform the job ads, for rent or sales in Greece  from print to digital. What we publish now in print will also go online, and more

After 94 years, the greek herald has gone through its biggest transformation in years.  We have been busy. So, please. Tell your friends to  Like us, follow us, and save The Greek herald.com.au.

 Send us stories, or leads. We can only be the umbrella platform to share with our readers your efforts, (erga)  your information.

See you in 6 years, so together we can celebrate 100 years!!

Thank you and, good night.