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Cate Bakos claims investors ‘more comfortable’ using technology to scope out properties

COVID-19 has encouraged property investors to cast a wider net in their search for deals, with new technology making it effortless to view potential investment properties. Speaking to realestate.com.au, Real...

Nick Galatas: AAFC formation is ‘something for Australians to be proud of’

Former South Melbourne FC chairman Nick Galatas founded and took control of the AAFC almost three years ago, with the Greek Australian saying that its formation is "something for Australians to be proud...

Greek first responders touch down in Beirut

Greece's Special Disaster Unit (EMAK) search and rescue team touched down in Lebanon on Wednesday to take part in the rescue operations following the Beirut explosion. The Beirut explosion on...

Greek couple ‘seas the day’ after man proposes to girlfriend underwater on museum tour (Video)

Happiness comes in waves, or in this case, it came underwater after a proposal took place in the biggest Natural Sea Park off Alonissos: Underwater. Wearing diving gear, Vangelis and...

Short story ‘Lydia: A Summer in Greece!’ making it easy for adults to improve Greek language skills

For some Greeks, learning the language of their heritage can be a difficult task. Whether, as a child, their parents never encouraged them to learn Greek, or some adults may simply struggle to...

St Basil’s face threat of legal action as Victoria announces 7 new deaths linked to aged care

St Basil's Aged Care Home in Fawkner will reportedly be facing a class action lawsuit, with claims that there will be a legal push from devastated families against St Basil's and Epping Gardens.